North Laredo
Apartados Postales
                           Do tou Know where to find... Secretary, Warehousing, Accounting, Mailbox, U.S. Adress, Lada 800 and more ... ?

Bilingual messages are taken from clients or vendors, information can be held or forwarded accordingly. EMail and Web Site.
Your packages are held until your arrival, call in service lets you know about packages and mail. For large shipments call office for details.
Computerized service will handle your C.O.D.’s and other personal items. An itemized list of all transactions is available.
We can also ship packages into the U.S. or Mexico. Fedex, UPS, Airbone and Estafeta insure security and privacy, air freight can be serviced and correspondence can be shipped to Mexico.
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Extend your area of business by reserving your PMB that serves as an office suite. Great for freight forwarders and Mexico businesses that need representation in the U.S. and/or personal managment.
For the best price ever, reserve your mailbox today in Laredo, Texas !
For 2 persons immediate family.
 $ 3.00 per package and includes correspondence received free of charge *
For 2 people who are not immediate family.
You pay $ 3.00 per package and includes free mail .*
For Business *
* Includes extensive section for legal documents.
Contract today ...!

Message & Mail International is open to Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.. We are strategically located next major hotels, NBC y Mall Del Norte.

5823 Northgate
Laredo, TX 78041 - 2698
Phone: (956) 727-3186

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